Latest news from FerWay

FerWay and its partners TriOpsys and Xomnia are contracted by LVNL The Netherlands to develop a decision support tool for ACC in the AMS-FIR to support smart decision making for regulations concerning Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

FerWay, together with its team-partners, is contracted to support the LVNL in the specification and development of a Decision Support Tool (DST) that will support the Amsterdam ACC controller in making decisions to issue regulations to the Network Manager in Brussel. The tool is to incorporate the latest technologies and ATM Network information available to accurately depict demand, capacity and how they can be balanced by means of regulations. These technologies include big data techniques, machine learning and advanced AMAN technologies.

FerWay is contracted by KDC Mainport Schiphol to support eXtended AMAN trials with Reims, MUAC, Belgo and LVNL

FerWay, together with other KDC Suppliers, is contracted to support the LVNL in the preparation of XMAN trials involving Reims (France), MUAC, Belgo control and LVNL. This trial aims to demonstrate the feasibility and utility for all stakeholders of true Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) in an operational environment. It will constitute a concrete step away from purely tactical operations towards a planned arrival operation and as such will be unprecedented in the European context.

Initial results Night-OWL Operational Trial at Schiphol Airport

FerWay is participating in the Night-OWL project as a consultant to Boeing ATM Seattle. FerWay is responsible for the functional design, operational testing and evaluation of the system. The project is conducted in collaboration with the KDC Mainport Schiphol. See also the article by KDC and the time-lapse of the first trial night: Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) at work!