ATM challenges and solutions

The current ATM System worldwide is getting ready to transition to much more sophisticated ways of managing Air Traffic. Many keywords like "Trajectory Based", "System Wide" or "Integrated" are abundantly present in many voluminous concept descriptions that go around. 


The missing link between this rich amount of plans, initiatives and ambitions, is a way to connect these goals to concrete, small and therefore manageable implementation steps. 


FerWay services build that connection with your organization through analysis of your operation, systems and operating practices, subsequently designing creative solutions that will develop your ATM System according to agreed goals.


FerWay will work with you on concrete and realistic improvements with a strong focus on implementation. To make true on that statement, browse the Services section for areas of your interest. Each of these sections have been structured as a series of practical questions that your organization may be facing and the service you can expect from FerWay to help you find and implement solutions.

You may also want to read a summary of these services in the example case provided in that section.


Don't have time to read through all that information? Here is a highlight of the type of questions you can address with FerWay support:

  • Traffic pressure is increasing, as well as environmental constraints. How do I improve my arrival planning and execution process to deal with these sometimes conflicting requirements? To which parameters do I design my planning tools and processes?
  • Our planning and controller support tools need a better Trajectory Prediction (TP) performance. What should this performance be in order to achieve those operational goals? How does the TP perform currently and how do we improve this performance? 

Please feel free to contact FerWay for an exploratory consultation without obligations.


A list of current and past projects will provide you with examples of where and how FerWay services can be applied. Finally, FerWay will, where needed, team up with select partners depending the scope of the support required.


Please feel free to contact FerWay if you think FerWay services can contribute to progressing your innovative ATM developments.


FerWay, innovative value for your Air Traffic Management.